• purposefully designed for soft luggage
  • build-in, ergonomically and sturdy handle
  • subframe loops included

Why does it exist?

With the increased availability of good soft luggage solutions for overlanders we found ourselves in need for a tail rack solution purposefully designed for soft luggage. Available OEM and aftermarket tail racks didn’t impress us with sharp corners, edges and bends. The soft and flexible plastic materials of our soft luggage and straps did always lose against the hard and sharp metal of the tail racks we tried, impacting waterproofness and structural integrity of our luggage on trips.

What does it do?

Our tail rack is designed with an obsession for smooth transitions, materials, construction, rounded edges and corners to drastically reduce wear and tear on your soft luggage. It forms a near flat extension of your seat and offers multiple anchor points for most soft luggage solutions, including 3 rear anchor points for straps (for example to attach a Mosko Moto Reckless 80) and multiple locations for bungee cords. The build-in, ergonomically designed and sturdy handles each side can be used as grab handles for your passenger, aiding with maneuvering your motorcycle (for example to park it on the center stand) or even support up-righting your motorcycle. And even if you don’t have any luggage to carry, this tail rack will compliment your motorcycle with its gorgeous, accented design. And its narrow, contoured shape will make hitting your leg when mounting the motorcycle a thing of the past.


The tail rack will fit all BMW F800 GS, BMW F800 GSA and BMW F700 GS motorcycles.

What’s in the box?

  • tail rack
  • spacers (4x)
  • high strength fasteners
  • subframe loops (2x)
  • installation instruction (will be send via email)
  • stickers

Need more info?

We are active on the www.advrider.com forum (in the vendor section) and on www.facebook.com/StaubwolkeLLC if you want to learn more.

Product is in stock. Order will usually ship within 2 business days. Please contact us for economical international shipping options (non-US).
3.00 LBS

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