Why does it exist?

Aftermarket handlebar risers help many riders to find an ergonomically better riding position, sitting down as well as standing on the foot pegs. Most available solutions simply add height to the OEM risers/clamps via spacers, moving the handlebar rearward (due to the rake angle of the front suspension), shifting the rider’s weight back and crowding riders. Some other solutions add additional mechanical links and clamp points, compromising the mechanical integrity of the system (e.g. allowing the handlebar to move with shock or high forces). We tried many different handlebar riser solutions over the years and wished for a mechanically sound system, allowing direct steering input for ultimate control in technically difficult terrain combined with a more off-road biased handlebar position.

What does it do?

Our handlebar risers/clamps replace the OEM risers/clamps with a minimalistic, mechanically sound and stylish solution. The handlebar is vertically raised 26.3mm / ~1in and horizontally moved forward 12.8mm / ~0.5in. We found this to be the perfect compromise for riding street and off-road for average height riders. The rider has more control in technically difficult terrain as the rider’s weight is putting more pressure onto the front wheel and any steering input is directly transferred to the wheel thanks to the robust and smart design. The ergonomically better riding position, especially standing on the foot pegs, and re-use of the OEM vibration dampening system makes riding longer distances more relaxed and confident.


The handlebar risers/clamps will fit all handlebars with an outside diameter of 28.6mm / 1-1/8in. They fit all BMW F800 GS and BMW F800 GSA motorcycles.

What’s in the box?

  • upper clamp (2x)
  • lower clamp (2x)
  • riser (2x)
  • high strength fasteners
  • installation instruction
  • stickers

Need more info?

We are active on the www.advrider.com forum (in the vendor section) and on www.facebook.com/StaubwolkeLLC if you want to learn more.

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1.40 LBS

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