Rear Handle

  • rear protection for your bike
  • enables pulling, lifting or moving the rear end of the bike
  • enables and aids in rescue efforts

Why does it exist?

We found ourselves all too often in dire circumstances, on the trail and on overland trips, with a crashed bike that was difficult to recover. Many of those times we wished for a way to hold onto the rear of the bike in order to pull, lift or move it. So we developed the rear handle with protection and versatility in mind. It integrates perfectly into the bike, ready to be used whenever you need it.

What does it do?

The rear handle replaces the OEM chain tensioner on both sides. It incorporates the chain tensioner’s functionality and adds an integrated, ergonomically designed handle.

Need to move the bike in position on the trailer? Want to lift the bike onto a boat? Need to tie-down the bike on a ferry? Or need to attach straps to the rear of the bike for rescue? The integrated handle adds versatility in all these and many more situations. It’s sturdy, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) optimized design, chosen high strength Aluminum alloy and attachment to the rear axle make it the ideal point to apply large forces.

By design our rear handle also protects the rear end of your bike. The ABS sensor, brake disk, rear sprocket, chain, axle nut and swing arm are all out of harm’s way in a side spill. Our rear handle is the most outside contact to the pavement and acts as the sacrificial layer to protect more expensive components on your bike.


Our rear handle fits all BMW F800 GS/GSA, F700 GS and F650 GS motorcycles without modification.

What’s in the box?

  • right side rear handle
  • left side rear handle
  • installation instruction
  • stickers

Need more info?

We are active on the forum (in the vendor section) and on if you want to learn more.

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1.40 LBS

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