Crash Bar

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  • side protection for you, your motorcycle and your luggage
  • enables easy motorcycle pick up after tip-over or fall
  • enables easy front tire change
  • enables alternate leg positions while riding for comfort
  • enables carrying additional heavy items safely
  • enables access to routine maintenance locations on your motorcycle, including side panels
  • powder coated, all stainless steel construction for superior rust protection and field reparability
  • minimalistic design that will not obstruct your motorcycle’s design
  • does not impede motorcycle’s ground and side-to-side clearance, e.g. driving through deep ruts or lane splitting

Why does it exist?

Crash bars have helped for a long time to protect riders and motorcycles from damages when tipping over, washing out, falling and other accidents. We, at Staubwolke, have sampled and used many of them over the years ourselves. Each one of the available crash bar options, however, fell short in what we believe a good crash bar should do for the rider. So we started with a blank piece of paper and developed a crash bar meeting today’s demands, from overlanders and adventurers to enthusiast and commuters. We took a new and fresh look at what a crash bar should do and added some features you will love.

What does it do?

Protecting rider and motorcycle

With crash bars, we think primarily about protection against braking plastic and metal components on our precious motorcycles. Replacement costs can be severe, and braking vital engine components far away from the next service station can be dangerous. Our crash bar does not stop there. By design, it also protects the rider’s legs. Being trapped under the motorcycle after a fall is greatly reduced. And the crash bar will absorb the impact during a front collision with an object, so your legs don’t. But what about the rest of your equipment? What about the handle bar, mirrors, exhaust and luggage? Anybody involved in a wash out or fall can probably tell a story, or two, about all other damages to their motorcycle. About lost clutch or brake levers. About broken or bent rear racks and luggage boxes. Our uniquely designed crash bar acts much like a roll cage in a racecar. Both tires and the most outboard tip of the crash bar form a stable, tripod like structure. That creates a protected area on each side of your motorcycle, for you, your motorcycle and your luggage.

Useful above and beyond fall protection

Picking up your motorcycle after falling over just got so much easier. If you ever had to pick up your motorcycle yourself, you might have noticed that it is the hardest at the beginning. The more upright you get your motorcycle, the easier it becomes. Our crash bar stops the fall of your motorcycle in a position where it is easier and less strenuous to upright it.

Changing the front tire or fixing a flat in the front on our motorcycles is typically challenging in the field, and it always seems to happen without anybody around to help. If you search the web, you might come across some techniques to help with removing the front tire. Some need hard luggage boxes, some are very unsafe, and none made us feel at ease. Our crash bar offers another way to get the front tire off the ground. Its position to the center of gravity of the motorcycle and its design makes it possible to keep the front wheel off the ground with only two fingers.

Our crash bar has been developed with overland travelers in mind. We have done 1,000 miles day trips ourselves and wished for a way to relax our legs while riding. With our crash bar we now can do just that. The crash bar is angled just right to comfortably straighten your leg and supporting it in two locations, distributing the weight without straining the knee joint.

Traveling overland often requires us to carry additional fuel and water on our motorcycle. These heavy items are best transported in the center, between front and rear wheel, and as low as possible to not negatively impact steering and handling of the motorcycle, especially in rough terrain. Our crash bar is designed with that in mind. Its sturdy design, chosen anchor points and materials, weld fabrication and high strength fasteners enabling you to carry additional loads on the crash bar. They can also be utilized for rescue efforts, ship tie-downs and as handles to lift the motorcycle in and out of boats or through water.


Our crash bar fits BMW F800 GS motorcycles manufactured between 2013 and 2017 without modification. All other BMW F650/F700/F800 GS/A models require some modification to the side covers.

What’s in the box?

  • crash bar with installed rubber sleeves
  • upper left bracket
  • upper right bracket
  • lower left bracket
  • lower left bracket extension
  • lower right bracket
  • lower right bracket extension
  • high strength fasteners
  • spare rubber sleeve set
  • installation instruction
  • stickers

Need more info?

We are active on the forum (in the vendor section) and on if you want to learn more.

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20.00 LBS
  • Great fit and finish, installation was a breeze. Construction methods appear to be much more robust than others that l have used in the past.
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